Advancing the Art of Science Communication

"If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t really understand it." - Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates

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How to Interview People Who Know a Lot More Than You and Not Be Afraid

From cSw’s SUNDAY@SEVEN Series: It’s easy to feel intimidated...

Finding the Heart of Your Story

Did you know that humans now have shorter attention spans than that of goldfish? With the advent of multitasking, grabbing people’s attention is more difficult than ever. So, how DO people manage to interest their audience? Anne Marie Santoro, founder of From the Heart Communications, discusses how to find the “heartbeat” of a story in her interview with cSw staff.

CSE Science Camp Meets curiousSCIENCEwriters

Wednesday, July 13th, was the day my life changed. That’s when high school students from curiousSCIENCEwriters (cSw) introduced us to the important field of science journalism and talked about using social media to communicate about biomedical research. We visited the cSw website where science stories written, edited and designed by students are published.

How Exciting To Be Young and Curious!

With technology and science changing so rapidly, it’s a wonder that anyone can keep up with the many emerging technologies or even understand the advances being made. But thanks to pioneering work in science journalism by curiousSciencewriters (cSw), bioscience is becoming more accessible to everyone.