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"If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t really understand it." - Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates

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cSw 2016 High School Science Communications Forum

On a beautiful summer Saturday, cSw writers, editors, graphic designers and comms mentors met up for the annual High School Science Communications Forum at Monmouth University. It was a day full of networking, skill-building and inspiration for these curious and creative young science communicators.

A Discussion with Professor John Morano

Listen to the audio of A Discussion With John Morano- Issues of Extinction, Habitat Deletion and Climate Change for Readers of Popular Fiction. Concerned with endangered species and habitat depletion, John pens stories of imperiled creatures and habitats that can’t speak for themselves.


curiousSCIENCEwriters challenge the stereotype that laboratories are boring places filled with boring people, revealing to the world a colorful universe with a diameter one tenth of the thickness of a human hair. This organization understands that science does not dehumanize, but rather provides something vital to human survival: hope.

The Potential of a Poem

As a student in one of the nation’s most rigorous STEM high schools, 16-year-old Eileen Huang never expected to write poetry, let alone have it change her life. In this funny, surprising, and moving talk, she tells the unexpected story of how her passion for writing and storytelling took her to the White House, got her to meet the First Lady, and, ultimately, revealed her true potential and self-confidence.